Ten Vocab Words I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

So yesterday I went and registered for school, got my ID and yearbook pictures (both absolutely terrible, but what else is new?), my schedule, and my books.

I was rather nervous when I saw the stack of uber-thick textbooks I was supposed to carry home–and more importantly, to read and study throughout the year. They ranged from Essential Biology with Physiology (always a fun read), to Addison-Wesley’s Algebra and Trigonometry (New York Times bestseller list #1, fifteen weeks in a row), and even Journalism Today! (which was published in 1993. Irony, huh?).

But I actually got a little excited when I saw the one on the bottom of the pile: Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Now maybe it’s just a testament to how much of a geek I am that this excites me, but c’mon. New words! Words that make you sound smarter, spice up your writing, aid you in those pesky crossword puzzles….

Now easy as pi.

So I thought I’d share the joy with the rest of you. Here’s ten words I didn’t know before, and I’m betting you didn’t either.

10) Amelioration (n) = improvement.

After months of stall rest, and looking ahead at a long recuperation, Four-Legged Aloha was finally starting to show a bit of amelioration.

9) Ephemeral (adj.) = lasting one day only; fleeting; transitory; short-lived

The summer of 2011 seemed ephemeral– one moment the students were flooding the streets in celebration of their freedom, and the next they were seated in the classrooms, taking attendance, already dreaming about the 2012 summer.

8.) Nettlesome (adj.) = 1) literally, full of nettles (plants with stinging hairs); 2) irritating, causing annoyance or vexation

My siblings had been acting nettlesome all evening–so I threatened to go all Carl the Llama on them. Amelioration ensued.

7) Convivial (adj.) = 1) fond of eating and drinking with friends, 2) sociable

The mood was generally convivial at the Yule Ball, save tension between Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger.

6) Ascetic (n.) = person who shuns pleasures and lives simply

There are very few ascetics in modern society; instant gratification has created a sort of gilded age within the fading recession.

5) Maudlin (adj.) = weakly sentimental and tearful

Les Miserables has its maudlin numbers, such as I Dreamed a Dream and Castle on a Cloud, but the pace picks up for higher-energy songs like Red and Black and Do You Hear the People Sing?.

4) Attenuate (v.) = make thin; weaken

The Hunger Games tended to attenuate its victims, due to lack of food, extreme duress, and the inevitable stress than comes with fighting other children to the death on live television.

3) Blandishment (n.) = word or deed of mild flattery; allurement; enticement

He was a master of blandishment, and soon had all the girls fawning over him.

2) Obsequious (adj.) = showing excessive willingness to serve; subservient; fawning

All the peasants were completely obsequious to their Supreme Dooming Ruler, with at least one attendant tending to her chocolate milk desires at any given time.

1) Halcyon (adj.) = calm; peaceful.

The halcyon days of hazy summer fun were nearing their end, driving Aloha to the point of blogging out of her English textbook.


If you can use two or more of the above words in a comment below (coherently!!), I’ll give you a special badge for your blog/website/bedroom wall. Customized, heck yeah.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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15 Responses to Ten Vocab Words I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

  1. The wanting for a badge on my blog attenuated my resolve to go to bed after reading this post. However, I still must go to sleep so this comment must be ephemeral.

    P.S. I totally understand your love for vocab πŸ™‚ This post was super informative.

    • Aloha says:

      XD LOVE how you incorporated the words like that. So neat! Here’s your coveted badge πŸ˜€ link

      Thanks for your kindness! I love vocabulary. It was always my favorite part of school.

  2. Madeline P says:

    *clears throat*

    Her halcyon facade regarding the ephemeral amelioration on her 2,000+ word manuscript fooled no one as she forlornly slumped in the desk chair, staring at the computer screen with pleading eyes. Unfortunately, her fingers were not obsequies in the slightest to her brain’s signals as she willed herself to close out of the fan-fiction and open the word document that attempted to entice her with promises of fame, fortune, and glory. Becoming an ascetic was almost as vexing as enduring nettlesome younger siblings’ lectures on how to apply the perfect coat of nail polish.


  3. Autumn says:

    Okay so I will be Obsequious in this comment Supreme Ruler of the Universe wanna be. ( gosh this is hard!) Writing this is not making me feel very Halcyon as using new wods in a comment causes me to be very Maudlin .

    How did I do?

  4. ZNZ says:

    Those halcyon days were so ephemeral, and time, as time is wont to do, attentuated their memories, but their obsesquious friend (who considered himself quite poetic, though in truth his poetry had not experienced any amelioration since he began, twenty long years ago) immortalised them in maudlin songs.

    Yeah? Yeah?

  5. annanm says:

    The reason there are so few ascetics in modern in society is because their lifestyle proves nettlesome to the outside observer. Though one may feel some sense of self amelioration whilst living thusly, few prove obsequious enough to adopt this halcyon way of life permanently.


  6. thesorrelmare says:

    This reminds me of practicing vocabulary with my cousin. We did fun things with it, and both our vocabularies showed amelioration for it.

    It’s really quite amusing rebuffing a guy’s blandishment.

    I would venture to guess that most of your readers are not very convivial, at least in certain crowds. *coughpopularcough*

    Ooh, have you ever had to cross through a treacherously nettlesome field to fetch Four-Legged Aloha? It’s dangerous. o.O

    My vocabulary words were completely unrelated to each other, but it still counts, right? XD

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