The Ultimate Challenge

There comes a point in every man and woman’s life in which they must prove themselves to the world. A distinguishable difference between the capable and the wimps is forged, molded, and set into stone. For the rest of your life. There’s no turning back. Hesitation is unheard of. Resistance is futile.

Today…. is one of those times.

Are you ready to face your test?

Be warned, once you follow this link, there will be no second guessing yourself. You must man up and take control. Learn the meaning of patience and get the swear words out of your system early, because it’s quite a long trip. Embrace your fears, love your enemies, live like every day was your last, and be grateful for the life you’ve been given. Once you have completed this, you can literally do anything else in the world.


1) Once you click the link, you must stay on that page for one hour.

2) You may pause it briefly, but you may never mute it.

3) Multitasking is allowed, and even encouraged if you wish to maintain some sanity.

4) I would recommend headphones. The Ultimate Challenge is each man and woman’s individual journey. Let your family take it on their own terms.

5) I, AlohaFowl, am not legally responsible for any physical, mental, or psychological harm that comes to any of my readers as a result of this experience.

6) If you ask someone to complete The Ultimate Challenge, you must have first completed it yourself. I did. It was painful– very, very painful. But I did it. All the way. You can too.

Are you ready?


About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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21 Responses to The Ultimate Challenge

  1. Barely starting: Oh, this isn’t too bad.
    Five minutes into it: Is it possible to go deaf for a brief period of time?
    Eight minutes in: Somebody kill that pony!
    Fourteen minutes in: This is making my stomach hurt…
    Sixteen minutes in: And my head.
    Twenty-one minutes in: Paused briefly to regain sanity.
    Thirty-one minutes in: Paused again.
    Thirty-Three minutes in: I’ve decided that crying sisters are even more annoying than this. Both together is practically unbearable.
    Forty-Five minutes in: Somebody, kill me please.
    Forty-Eight minutes in: I swear, time has just slowed down.
    Forty-Nine minutes in: Somebody has a sick sense of humor for making the end of the song last so much longer than the beginning.
    Fifty-Five minutes in: It’s almost over!
    Fifty-Eight minutes in: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

    Oh my goodness that was horrible. I will never, ever, ever do this again. Ever. And I’m totally putting it on my blog to torture my followers 😀

  2. Allegra says:

    I think, from now on, I will tell people that my defining life experience was the time when I was systematically tortured for a full hour by an animated pink pony. Then I’ll give them the link. Mwahaha…
    But I did it! I survived the full hour–though I admit that as soon as the loop started up again, I closed the window as soon as I could, recoiling in horror. But I did as you said, one full hour, without stopping, without muting, without running for cover, nada. I feel like my brains have been extracted and replaced with poisonous, dysfunctional, techno-tune cotton candy. Does this make me certifiably insane? Most likely. *cue maniacal grin*

    • Aloha says:

      That first line made me laugh for quite a while 😀 It certainly is life-changing, is it not? I feel that this test should be used whenever someone applies for a man-card. (Do you apply for a man-card, or does it just come in the mail like a credit card? And if so, is it safe to accept? What about scam-man-cards?)

      You did better than I did– I had to pause to recover! Congratulations on your success. 🙂

  3. Kirsten says:

    Please… I once watched three hours straight of Disney Channel. I just turned down the volume and switched between focusing solely on that and watching Les Mis with Pinkie Pie in the background, I never stopped, muted, or anything. Maybe I’ve been desensitized by actually watching the show… Then again, I was writing a blog post at the same time I was listening, and sounds like that stop getting registered by my brain for a while. It’s better than the list of colors, I suppose. But I don’t see what’s so bad about it. I mean I wouldn’t do it again, but it wasn’t torture… Is something wrong with me?

    • Aloha says:

      Just three hours? Sometimes in the summer, my siblings and I watch, like, seven hours of it straight XD I think my record is about thirteen. Disney Channel is like kid-crack. You know it’s bad for you…. but it’s just one more, one more episode. Then before you know it you’ve rewatched half of the first season of Shake it Up and nine episodes of Good Luck Charlie…

      If you didn’t think it was torture, it’s not bad– it simply means you were ALREADY man enough for the Ultimate Challenge! Congrats!

  4. melsar93 says:

    I saw the preview of the youtube link in the subscription email so I decided to skip the pink pony. I realize this makes me a coward, but I am a coward with an extra hour of time to spend cooking, or reading, or really anything else would have to be better.

  5. annanm says:

    I failed…
    I should have known it was a nyan-cat derivative. I can only make it through about twenty five seconds before I slam my laptop shut and just say NO. This time I lasted a grand total of (wait for it…) 18 seconds. My will is weak!

    • Aloha says:

      Shame, shame. 😛 You have to learn to brave the pain!

      I’m surprised these rainbow-colored cats and ponies annoy you, considering your obsession with rainbow-colored flying zebragai.

      • annanm says:

        I think I would absolutely adore them if instead of singing, they made devilish plans for world domination and, say, randomly exploded, only to walk back in two seconds later. That would be brilliant. But singing an infinite loop of nonsensical silliness? My patience fades quickly…
        The zebragi though is a majestic species and can do whatever they want without annoying me. :p

      • Aloha says:

        XD I would also enjoy a MLP world domination video. Somebody has to make that.

        When I think “majestic”, zebragi are totally the first thing that come to mind. Followed by Niagra falls and the Grand Canyon.

  6. hithere298 says:

    I’m about 2 minutes in, and I have a headache, but I think I can do it

  7. aloha mom says:

    I’m with Melsar. At my age I’m not about to waste an hour proving I’m able to endure torture…..why? Why? Why would you do that? Oh, I forgot…. You also watch hours upon hours of psychopathic llamas and other insane vids…. To each her own. Do we really share DNA?

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  9. OK, I know I have an ability to tune out of reality. In fact, if there is background noise I much more easily hyper-focus on my task. But. . .
    An hour in: Oh. It stopped.
    *repeats*: Right, it said looped! OK.

    I’m either a really epic genius, or I’m a spoil-sport, but that wasn’t so hard. It got annoying two minutes in, and then it was fine the rest of the way. And I like that pretty pink pony.

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