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Poll: Are You Prepared for November?

I only ask because it’s a mere month away. Can you believe it? Has the year really gone by so fast? (Oh, and on an interesting note, I was wearing my NaNo shirt to school the other day, and a … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Procrastination

It’s Thursday night, AKA “let’s-give-the-students-homework-until-their-backpacks-break-open-and-make-a-confetti-shower-of-“almost-weekend”-celebratory-worksheets!!” night. Or something. When faced with adversity such as this, there’s only one thing a student can do to overcome it, and that is to procrastinate. Of course I don’t do this (shout out to … Continue reading

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Best of Julian Smith

There’s a guy on YouTube called Julian Smith. He is made of awesomeness. (Also, if you’re reading this in an email, you really need to be on the actual site, hyperlink provided for your convenience, or you’ll just see a … Continue reading

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Let “Said” Be Enough

I’ve been rereading my much-loved copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers recently, in an attempt to get myself in a noveling mindset, and I think it might be working. While none of the material is new, a lot of it … Continue reading

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Cellular Haikus, Plus a Surprise

In Biology class, we had two assignments for homework. One, to study for a giant cell quiz tomorrow (“draw, label, and describe a diagram of all the parts of a generalized cell”). Two, write a haiku for one of the … Continue reading

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Loving Fictional Characters: Yes or No?

EDIT: To clarify, sorry, I didn’t make this video. That is not me, I didn’t write the script, I didn’t even find it myself *laugh*. It placed in a Vlogbrothers “nerdiness” competition. I just thought it fit the blog really … Continue reading

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The Versatile Blogging Awards

I’ve gotten this award once before, but I believe the post was obscured by my hiatus. And I just got tagged by Faith (love you :D), so here it is again. 1. Thank and link to the person who nominated … Continue reading

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Parks and Rec, the Final Artemis Fowl Book, and the Journalism Anti-Pwn

I’m so llama’d imaginative with my titles tonight. /brainisdead Parks and Recreation is a really funny show–it’s like The Office, only better, and Creed’s not in it, which makes it about seven times less creepy. (“I run a small fake-ID … Continue reading

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Konbanwa, Hajimemashite

That’s right 😉 Our Japanese club at school started language lessons this week…. they seem like they’re going to be intensive, but worth it. (The title means “good evening, how are you?”) Between that and the Spanish II course I’m … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: How it Should Have Ended

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