Hitchhiker’s Reference in Stargate+ Anime that Kills Brain Cells

I hadn’t read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when I watched SGA for the first time, so this didn’t click until I came back to the episode. And I LOVE it.

Today was the first anime showing at our school’s Japanese club (hence the lateness and lameness of this post). We watched Lain, Evangelion: Genesis, and Cromartie High School. The latter one was described as “brain crack”, which us Japanese Club n00bs laughed at.

Until we saw the series, that is.

For example, we watched three episodes, and the last one was entirely about how the main character was humming a song he couldn’t remember the name of. All his friends tried to help him, and they organized a giant chorus for humming this song, with different sections for vocal preferences and the such. In the end, one of his friends (who’s a robot who denies he’s a robot) knows the song, but the main character is too embarassed to ask what it is.

And then there’s this random shirtless guy, the protagonist’s best friend has a mohawk that is constantly lengthening, shortening, and moving along to the music, etc.

Don’t believe me? Try the theme song.

And now I can’t get that stupid humming song out of my head D:

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1 Response to Hitchhiker’s Reference in Stargate+ Anime that Kills Brain Cells

  1. annanm says:

    What the heck? Was that a line of Freddie Mercury-s in that theme? I am so confused, :/

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