Parks and Rec, the Final Artemis Fowl Book, and the Journalism Anti-Pwn

I’m so llama’d imaginative with my titles tonight. /brainisdead

Parks and Recreation is a really funny show–it’s like The Office, only better, and Creed’s not in it, which makes it about seven times less creepy. (“I run a small fake-ID company from my car with a laminating machine that I swipped from the sherrif’s station.”)

Parks and Recreation is about the (*gasp*) Parks and Recreation department employees in the fictional Pawnee, Indiana.

When a Pawnee citizen falls into a giant pit left after a failed apartment complex construction project, his enraged girlfriend challenges the Parks and Rex dept. to fix the pit. To her surprise, one of the heads of the department steps up and not only promises to fill the pit, but to turn it into a community park.

The rest of the series centers on their struggle to overcome unsupportive community members, apathetic bosses, and one very, very evil librarian, to turn a giant pit of dirt and trash into a grassy playground.

Like The Office, the reason this show works so well is because 1) the main plot is simple, 2) the characters are complex and varied, and 3) the “mockumentary” setup allows for all different points of view.

The first two seasons are available instantly on Netflix, and you can find the whole series on I’d highly recommend it (it was actually recommended to me by a friend, and I’m REALLY glad she did).

Onto the second topic of tonight, a few details have been released about the eighth and final Artemis Fowl book release. We know it’s called The Last Guardian, it comes out in the spring of 2012.

….And that’s it.

UGH, Eoin. I know that’s still a while away, but really? Not even hints? I thought I knew where the series was going, but after the end of the last book, with Arty going to a fairy hospital to be treated for his Atlantis Complex… well…. it could really go in any direction =/ I just hope he doesn’t continue down the “mental illness” route. It was fun for a book, but we need our deliciously brilliant Artemis back. Orion’s adorable enough, but if we want mushy-gooshy-perfect-men we’ll read Twilight or something.

Also, ARTYxHOLLY, PLEASE. Or if you actually read my letter, and you wrote me into the book as a love interest, that would be alright with me too. I can pay you, like, seventeen bucks.

On a side note, the first edition of our school newspaper came out today. I’m only on the Beginning staff, and so I have to wait until next semester until I can write anything that’s going to get printed, but I wanted to go in and slap the Intermediate and Advanced staff upside the head. They made more grammatical errors in the PUBLISHED paper than I make when I’m blogging half-deliriously after a week of almost no sleep. AKA now.

(You want to become a good journalist? Step 1: learn the difference between its and it’s, your and you’re, there and they’re, effect and affect, etc)


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6 Responses to Parks and Rec, the Final Artemis Fowl Book, and the Journalism Anti-Pwn

  1. John Hansen says:

    Love parks and rec! It sure beats the office, at least the current office (minus Michael Scott). I like Creed though. He may be a creeper but I love that episode when he was manager.

  2. TayMik23 says:

    Well, we do know that The Last Guardian HAS to have something to do with the two Opals (assuming the past Opal teams up with the present one)…I don’t think Colfer would let the series end without that little problem being wrapped up.

  3. ktlemonhead says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be three books in the Artemis Fowl series? I know there are more, but originally, wasn’t there supposed to be three?

  4. melsar93 says:

    Have you seen this post about the Alot? I can’t help picturing a big furry creature now whenever I see this error. (and I see it a lot). I wonder what alot of llamas would look like?

  5. Kirsten says:

    I LOVE Parks and Recreation, as well as the Office, but I don’t get why you dislike Creed. He’s creepy, yet hilarious. I actually say that Parks and Recreation is like if the Office and 30 Rock had a child, which is weird, but it’s an apt comparison. Oh, and this is totally and utterly related, but I found a video that A) you have probably seen before, and B) I think you would find awesome. Here’s the link:

  6. Olivia says:

    …Really? There’s no one to catch their errors and save the academic reputation of the school? o.O

    The link melsar posted is awesome.

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