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Parks and Rec, the Final Artemis Fowl Book, and the Journalism Anti-Pwn

I’m so llama’d imaginative with my titles tonight. /brainisdead Parks and Recreation is a really funny show–it’s like The Office, only better, and Creed’s not in it, which makes it about seven times less creepy. (“I run a small fake-ID … Continue reading

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Konbanwa, Hajimemashite

That’s right 😉 Our Japanese club at school started language lessons this week…. they seem like they’re going to be intensive, but worth it. (The title means “good evening, how are you?”) Between that and the Spanish II course I’m … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: How it Should Have Ended

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From Kristin Cashore to Rodney McKay: Battle Comrades

Topic #254: What person, real or fictional, living or dead, would you want to share a foxhole* with if you were on a battlefield?(Via the Daily Post) Oh my goodness. Let’s see here. Fictional people INCLUDED? Quark. Hm……. (From left … Continue reading

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What the Heck? (Things I Don’t Remember Putting on my Computer)

Y’know those really boring days when your internet’s out, you’re in a place with no books, your phone’s dead, and you’re forced to entertain yourself using only My Pictures and Desktop Files, meandering through the archives of the past year … Continue reading

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Shin (noun): a device for finding furniture in the dark

And other hilarious definitions taken from the humor site Grouchy Rabbit, made by the creators of Dear Blank, Please Blank. Drama (noun) – When Sarah likes Mike but Mike is going out with Jane when Jane actually likes Dylan but … Continue reading

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The Reincarnation of the Nerdy Bucket List

I believe it was late winter or early spring of this year that I started collecting entries for a Nerd’s Bucket List that I was putting together. After my hiatus, I forgot all about it, to be reminded recently that … Continue reading

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