Is the Pet Rock Back In?

Today I was reading the news online when I found an interesting headline. Apparently the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice, Bret Michaels, was launching a “pet rock” collection to be released at Petsmart. The line would include apparel, toys, beds, feeders, collars and other accessories.

I was shocked. For a man who must have been pretty good at business, he was a bit behind on the trends. Aren’t pet rocks so 1975?

Not only that, but it kept being listed as a great new thing for pets. What the llama? How on Earth would buying a rock help your four-legged pets? Takes pressure off them to be the performing one in the household? Sorry, Michaels, but that’s not really going to help anything.

Anyway, I was laughing at his stupidity for quite a few minutes before I noticed something.

It wasn’t “Pet Rocks”; it was “Pets Rock”. A line of Petsmart dog and cat merchandise.

Tables turned, right?

Here’s the article, so you can laugh at me being an idiot (it’s okay, I laughed at myself for a while too).

And if you were actually excited for the Pet Rock trend to start back up again, here’s a site that has a license to sell them, although they look a bit different from the originals.

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4 Responses to Is the Pet Rock Back In?

  1. bongirl says:

    I have a pet rock. We had to make them, mandatory, for sixth grade core class. And then we wrote poetry about them and their lives.

  2. annanm says:

    Psh, those aren’t real pet rocks. Real pet rocks are the ones you find outside your house and paint a happy face on. I used to have one named Gary. He was so named after the Pokemon trainer, Spongebob’s snail, and my late hermit crab.
    Also, I laughed at your goof-up. Oops.

  3. hithere298 says:

    The guy who came up with pet rocks made millions of dollars. How? Who buys a rock when they could go outside and just take one of try ground? Meanwhile my ingenius idea of a “bouncy ball that never stops bouncing” still hasn’t paid off any money. In fact, you know how much money it costs to create an unstoppable bouncy ball? More than it sells…. I’m mad…

  4. hithere298 says:

    i meant ‘the’ instead of ‘try’

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