Jack, Get Back, C’mon Before We Crack

I apologize for yesterday’s exhaustion-induced ramble about slippers. (Seriously, what the llama? I was so tired, I don’t remember writing it. It made me cringe.)

We’re camping now, which puts a hitch in the whole “catch up quickly and stuff” plan. Our WiFi here is spotty, at best, and if you’re reading this it means I was able to get thirty seconds of connectivity to put this up. We come back Tuesday night, so after that I can get all the comments replied to and such.

On the way up to the campgrounds, we were listening to a classic 80’s CD with all the good stuff (“Africa”, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, etc.), including the song Footloose, and it brought back a lot of memories.

In fourth grade, my best friend and I decided we were going to do a dance for the talent show, being almost almighty fifth graders and all. We decided on Footloose, because it was catchy and repetitive and no matter how many times you listen to it, it never really gets old.

We spent months choreographing a simple routine which consisted of a lot of jazz hands and jumping. Our outfits were matching, and when we went to the auditions the music teacher loved us. We were so proud, so excited.

On the day of the show, everything went perfectly and we even got a standing ovation from all the kids and parents. It was the best, most glorious day of elementary school.

Every time I hear the song, those memories come rushing back (and I still know the dance by heart, much to the embarrassment of whoever’s with me when it plays in public).

The movie’s also one of my favorites. The music, Kevin Bacon, the dancing, the plot, Kevin Bacon, the acting, Kevin Bacon, the best warehouse-Olympics ever, Kevin Bacon….

Oh, and Kevin Bacon’s in it, too.

Which is why this new adaption is such as shameful thing. No Bacon? No 80’s feel-good music? What’s with the movie’s sexual nature, even just from the trailer? The whole point of the first movie was that dancing is nothing dirty, but in the new one it’s nothing less than what you would find in a bar!

I understand we have to appeal to today’s audiences, and they’re just trying to get teens into the theater. But if the first movie wasn’t good enough for them, they can go get brainwashed by Transformers or watch a Twilight flick or something.

Forget Brittney Spears….



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3 Responses to Jack, Get Back, C’mon Before We Crack

  1. Haha, I seriously have to stop reading your blog at one in the morning. I have to re-read the post all over when I wake up. At least you made me smile 😀 And I definitely want to watch that movie now.

  2. TayMik23 says:

    I cannot tell you how much I agree with you on this. I hate remakes. I mean, The Karate Kid? Footloose? They do not need new ones to appeal to audiences.

  3. melsar93 says:

    I support your LFA campaign.

    Also, a note to Aloha’s Dad, I hope you have saved the video of Aloha doing Footloose to show to prospective suitors.

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