Old Fashioned vs New-Fangled Camping

Aloha’s Mom here again with a guest post.  Seems Aloha has to take her turn washing the dinner dishes and she is quite concerned that her post a day is posted today.  We’re camping under beautiful pine trees with blue skies and crisp fall air.  Nothing like eating fresh-caught trout beside the campfire…..  (except for Aloha, our resident vegetarian, who ate coconut rice and a pseudo-chicken patty.)

Ok… what is wrong with this picture?  I’m guest blogging when we’re camping…listening to my kids lament that the sat dish isn’t working and the internet is spotty……When we went camping some 30 years ago we went for hikes, made log and rock forts, and found cool places to play not far from the campsite.  Nowadays, we have to MAKE Aloha and her sibs go outside….  thank goodness, the Sat Dish isn’t working and the internet is spotty.

So this mandatory post a day post is fulfilled and I’m off to roast some marshmallows and try to teach Aloha that real marshmallows don’t need to erupt in flames in order to be good…

Ta Ta For Now….  An old fashioned mom

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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4 Responses to Old Fashioned vs New-Fangled Camping

  1. Allegra says:

    What? But of course marshmallows need to be turned into charcoal briquettes to be good! Usually I just stick ’em right into the fire, never mind with this slow-roasting monkey business.
    Aloha should consider herself lucky that she gets any Internet at all while camping. I just got back from a weekend trip up into the woods, and there wasn’t a WiFi hotspot for miles around.

  2. I think I like your mom, Aloha.

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