Love, Joy, and Bitterblue

Today was the last day of fall break, and between the camping trip, my new cousin, and sleeping 13 hours a day (ask my parents if you think I’m kidding), it feels like we’ve only been gone a day. And to top it off, today was so busy I didn’t have the time to work on computer stuff like I thought I would. Church all morning, cleaning the house all afternoon, and we were at the local elementary school all night helping my mom with the finishing touches on her classroom.

My mom’s going back to teaching full-time tomorrow. She worked in elementary education for a long time before I was born, but stopped so she could teach me the way of the ninja. Before my fourth birthday I was able to incapacitate two grown men using a Pokemon card and a Barbie. Since then, my skill has increased exponentially, and after I took out the entire secret service of a small government last week, Mom said I’d learned everything she could teach me. It was time to lend her services to the local fourth graders, since their teacher had a baby last Friday and she’s taking the rest of the year off to “nurture and raise it”*.

So that’s good. It’ll be interesting.

On a completely irrelevant note, I’m trying to memorize this dance. So far I have the first 23 seconds down like a pro. (If you’re worried about a Rickroll, I already did two this week. I’m not downright EVIL…)

(Well, maybe I am, but not like that.)

Kristin Cashore released the new cover and some information about Bitterblue, the “companion novel” to Graceling and Fire, on her blog last week. (Click here to read her post). I’m really excited for it! All her fans, myself included, have been waiting a long time for even a bit of info on the new book. If you haven’t read the other two, I highly recommend them, especially if you liked The Hunger Games. Katsa (the protagonist) kicks butt, and her boyfriend Po has a Hot Fictional Guys You Should Know About feature coming up soon…

This post is short, and early (whoa, it’s not even 11:30 yet!), because I’m tired, it’s a school night, and I’m trying to get in some NaNoWriMo planning before bed. Have a good day!

*by which I obviously mean “to instruct in the ways of the samurai”.

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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3 Responses to Love, Joy, and Bitterblue

  1. JesterMangoz says:

    Twenty-three seconds already? Wow, I’m impressed! Keep up the good work! (insert sarcastic voice here)

    And I’d love to have you over sometime to brainstorm together, if you’d like.

  2. JesterMangoz says:

    And, ohmymangoes! Five hundred and seventy-nine pages!! I am NOT waiting for the paperback!

  3. I think I am entitled to yell at you seeing how you haven’t caught up on your 200+ comments. But I won’t because I completely understand. I’ve been gone a week and it will take me at least that long to catch up on my blog. Now I will reply to this actually post.
    Well I’m glad you caught up on your sleep at least šŸ™‚ And my mom is currently teaching my youngest siblings the art of the Samurai so she’s not teaching either. Is this weird that both of our mothers are elementary teachers?

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