Dinner and a show? Fun. Working with lab group? Not so much.

Tonight we went to dinner and a show, a nice way to end the hectic weekend, and hopefully a good omen for the school week.

Dinner was good, but I won’t bore you with too many details. I split a pizza with my friend, and then got free ice cream while a bunch of strangers sang Happy Birthday A Capella style. It was just as awkward as it sounds.

The show was really cool, though. It was called “Wizard of the Rings”, a Lord of the Rings spoof with a bit of Harry Potter thrown in. While, not yet having read the LoTR books myself, I didn’t understand a lot of the references, it was still entertaining. The theater’s the kind of place where you boo for the bad guys and cheer for the good guys, clap to the songs and laugh or holler when appropriate. There’s a lot of audience participation, which makes it really relaxed and entertaining.

Then they gave me free ice cream again, which I gave to my dad because I was about to throw up (who puts extra sugar on a sundae that already has ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and whipped cream?!).

The after-show performance was the same actors, and they did a “Dancing with the Stars” spoof where they pretended to be Paula Abdul, Arnold Schwarzenegger (thank goodness for spell check), some random 80’s dude with a fro, etc. Again, I didn’t get a lot of the references, but all the older people in the theater were cracking up.

It was just a really neat night, and a fun time with the church small group. But now it’s back to homework, trying to get it all in by Monday morning >.<

The best part is trying to work with my lab group last-minute, which is like herding cats through email. I’m in a group with the homecoming queen, a football jock, and this random kid I know nothing about, and it’s driving me insane. For example, I sent them this:

Sorry for the late email, guys.

Where we left off in class, we’d just finished writing our hypothesizes for the Elodea lab. The first one was “If environmental CO2 is used during photosynthesis in elodea, then the BTB will turn blue (because photosynthesis takes the CO2 from the solution and raises the pH).”

The second hypothesis was, “If there’s a net production of CO2 when elodea respires in the absence of photosynthesis, then the BTB will turn green (because an increase in CO2 will add carbonic acid, and thus raise the acidity of the solution, lowering the pH).”

By tomorrow morning, we have to have the independent variable and the dependent variable for each lab, and write the design/procedure for the total process. The materials are listed on the front page of the handout, but we need those in our lab notebooks, too. The controlled variables will be listed for the experiment as a whole.

We also can’t forget to record everyone in the groups’ names in our lab notebooks. If your reply could include your first and last name for spelling, I’d appreciate that. Hit “reply all” when you email back. I’ll be gone for several hours tonight but will reply to all emails when I get a chance.

I guess a good place to start would be identifying the independent and dependent variables for each experiment.



And in reply, I received:

 I’d bring tin foil tomorrow. i’m not sure of what to write for the variables. help me… thankyou (:


I looked at 3 stores for elodea but couldnt find any… did anyone else get some?



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7 Responses to Dinner and a show? Fun. Working with lab group? Not so much.

  1. I-yi-yi. *wishes you luck* *wishes sudden appearances of the IQ-boosting angel to all involved*

  2. I could go back in my old files and try to find what I did doing an assignment almost like that last year… But instead I’ll wish you luck. Good luck! I suggest just telling everyone what to do unless they’re already doing something else. That way they’ll all help and you’ll get it done. (That’s what happens when you’re the nerd, Aloha. You do all the thinking and they do all the working.)

  3. annanm says:

    And group problem solution: Send out a frantic email to them saying that some obscure relative of yours died. Pretend to be really broken up about it, throwing in plenty of spelling/grammatical errors for continuity. Tell them that because of this, you need to spend some time away from the project, helping your family through this tough time. Sit back and enjoy the ensuing frantic emails as they are forced to get their act together.
    Guaranteed to (maybe) work.

  4. Mercy says:

    I’m so sorry. I totally understand how it is, though. We’re working on a population policy project in Human Geography, and a similar situation occurred. I wish you the best of luck. And happy birthday!
    Hmmm … the best solution is for you to move to Texas, live next door to me, and be in every one of my classes so we can work together on all the projects.

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