10 Most Unique Halloween Costumes

As All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, I thought it’d be interesting to take a different route from the Fairy Princess and Power Ranger Ninja Beyblade Warrior. Some of my ideas are weird, some are creative, and some make very little sense but I always thought they’d be neat costumes.

10) Video Killed the Radio Star— literally. Inspired by this video, you’ll need a friend. One of you is a giant video camera, and the other is a boom-box type radio. The video camera’s holding a “bloodstained” knife, and the radio’s covered in crimson.

Obscure, yes. Funny? Depends. (I find it hilarious, but I have a weird sense of humor.)

9) A giant Stargate. Make a huge ring inscribed with the Ancient symbols, then wear a blue jumpsuit. If you don’t know what I mean, this is a Stargate.

8.) A box of crayons. If you’re an underachiever, this will work great. Get a group of six, sixteen, twenty four, or forty eight of your closest friends together. Each pick a color, then dress in it. Write “crayola” across your shirt for good measure.

7) A llama rider. You know those costumes for little kids that the girl or boy stands in, and it looks like they’re riding a horse, when they’re really just controlling two of the hooves? I think they need to look into producing a teen or adult-sized costume like that, but with animal variations including llamas, alpacas, unipegs, dinosaurs, elephants, and narwhals.

There’s a market for it, I just know it.

6) A giant pillow pet. My thinking: take a small mattress or a large and thick body pillow, then sew a large case that you and your padding can fit inside. Decorate it with your choice of pillow pet (mine is the pink and purple unicorn, but I’m biased since I got one on Monday).

Instead of “trick or treat”: “IT’S A PILLOW, IT’S A PET, IT’S A PILLOW PET!”

5) The protagonist from your NaNoWriMo novel. I know it’s kind of lame, and most people won’t understand it, but think of it as an opportunity. You get to LARP (live-action role play) your character, testing out their personality and appearance, for an entire night right before NaNo. If anyone asks you who you are confusedly, you look at them condescendingly and say, “DUH, I’m Aaliyah DeRisa from Embracing Insanity!” Make it seem like it’s a big-deal book. Watch and see if they’ll bluff out of it. “Oh, I heard of that once… isn’t it the one where [inserts some random Glee subplot]”.

4) The ultimate Where’s Waldo?. Start off trick-or-treating with your friends in a striped shirt, winter hat, blue pants and glasses. Tell them you’re going up ahead to say hi to someone you know. Go home and eat candy. See how long it takes them to realize you’re actually not there.

3) A wizard alchemist rock star unicorn Hoops and Yoyo My Little Pony mad scientist anime character Vocaloid actor/actress clown politician Judge Judy.

Shut up. It would be interesting.

2) Someone with no social life. Perfect costume in two easy steps. 1) take your laptop trick-or-treating with you. Make sure you’re logged onto a forum, chatroom, your deviantArt account, WordPress, or YouTube. 2) let your natural instincts do the rest. (Bonus: go to an area with sketchy WiFi and spend the whole time yelling about your wireless connection.)

1) Yourself, holding a bowl of candy by the door. My parents have considered this a valid costume for years, and now that I’m on the cusp of graduating from the door-to-door candy snatching scene, I’m starting to see its merits. You can watch Whose Line is it Anyway? reruns while sitting on the couch, then go to the door every thirteen seconds and admire the adorable little kids’ costumes.

What are you being for Halloween?

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12 Responses to 10 Most Unique Halloween Costumes

  1. I get to be the socially awkward person every day!

  2. Titania says:

    I am being a not-so-distressed damsel. In other words, I will be wearing a dress and carrying a sword.
    See, my little brother wanted me to be a damsel in distress because he’s being a knight. My entire family thought he was crazy if he thought I would agree to that. So instead I get to carry a plastic sword.

  3. melsar93 says:

    I think the pillow pet is probably the scariest one , but I would give the whole bowl of candy to anyone who came to the door as Video Killed the Radio Star.

  4. Haha, those are all really good. I’m going as Rose Tyler so sadly I can’t use any of them.

  5. Nia says:

    That is so awesome. xD I’m being a random gothic chick. I got a gorgeous dress at the thrift store for 4 bucks, and dug a cape out of the closet. Mom says I look straight out of the Scarlet Letter. >:D

    I’m worried about how much candy I’m going to get this year, as Mum says I’m too old to trick or treat. She determined this after she realized that I was taller than almost all of the people handing out candy. Sigh.

  6. annanm says:

    Please, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, be the Pillow Pet. If I had that come up to the door, they would automatically get any and all candy in my home.
    … I love Pillow Pets. And I have no idea why.

    I’m going as Chell from Portal this year, with Portal 1 jumpsuit and Portal 2 boots… hopefully; I still have to make them.

  7. Hope says:

    I am so going as a wizard alchemist rock star unicorn Hoops and Yoyo My Little Pony mad scientist anime character Vocaloid actor/actress clown politician Judge Judy this year!

    (JK, I am going to be Buz Lightyear,
    to infinity and beyond!)

  8. JesterMangoz says:

    I’m being a party-pooper who blacks out all windows in the house, carves a MLP jack-o-lantern, and disengages the doorbell before sitting down and watching Tangled with her mother.

    Am I original or what?


  9. Mercy says:

    On Sunday, I have to go to a church carnival type thing (it’s like a church Halloween party) called “First Family Fun Fest”. The high school choir (which I’m in) is singing four times during the night, and we’re supposed to dress up but I had no idea what to do. Now I’ll probably just call a bunch of other people in the choir and have them be crayons with me. Great idea. Thanks, Aloha!

  10. Tangy says:

    I love number 4! I would totally do that if I had friends to go trick-or-treating with (and various other reasons).
    …I just realized that the way I phrased that makes it sound like I have no friends, which I don’t mean at all.

  11. Alice Mellark says:

    Haha! Those are all so creative! I would love to be one of my NaNoWriMo characters, but I already have everything for my Katniss Everdeen costume. (Btw: I think I am commenting too much- and I don’t want to annoy you with all of my comments, so I am sorry, I will try hard not to comment on all of your awesome posts lol!)

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