Math Teachers Can be Bronies, Too!

My Algebra II teacher is a distinguished man in his fifties or sixties. He traveled all the way to the ocean floor in a submarine during his time in the Marines, served as a volunteer firefighter, and taught at schools all over the country. He’s well-known throughout our school, although more of his reputation is due to his eccentricity.

About ten years ago, he placed a large trash can at the front of the classroom where he was teaching. When he caught a kid chewing gum, he made the kid spit the gum in the trash. No big deal, right?

But he didn’t empty the trashcan after that kid… or the kid after that… or the kid after that. A decade later, the “gum bin” is piled sky-high with pieces of partially-chewed gum, and it’s growing every day. He makes kids put their gum in it, then swirls the can around and sniffs it. “Minty fruity fresh.” And places it at the front of the room again, for us to admire from a not-so-safe distance.

Then there’s the coffee cup…. A nice, off-white military mug he fills with decaf every morning…. that he hasn’t washed in 19 years. The coffee accumulates along the sides until eventually the chunks fall off and he chews them. Kids over the years have tried to gift him with new mugs, but he just keeps them in a cabinet at the back of the room. (Although if you see his “I ❤ Pop Quizzes” mug lying out somewhere, still in the box, be wary. He likes to use it as a sign.)

Then there’s the soup, which is his redeeming trait with the high school masses. Every Monday morning, he sets up five to seven great big crock-pots of steaming soup and opens his classroom to the whole school. Kids from every building and schedule, teachers, custodians… everyone visits to enjoy the fruits of his (apparently delectable) soup-cooking. He believes that meat makes a man, though, and so far none of his soups have been vegetarian-friendly.

I’ve been in his classroom for a few months now, and gradually come to terms with his quirks. But this morning when I found out that he was quite possibly a brony, too… that threw me for a loop.

As a classroom, we use the education social network Edmodo for assignments and handouts. It’s a bit like Facebook in that you join the “groups” of the classes you’re attending, and then you can post and reply to different comments on the class wall. It helps if you don’t understand the homework, because most of the time the teachers are pretty quick about logging on to help you out.

For a while now, there’s been a random person that joined the classroom called Rainbow D. (it doesn’t show last names… but considering the profile pick was a pony, I think it’s safe to say that they were going for Dash.) I didn’t understand why my teacher had allowed Rainbow onto the Edmodo, because he doesn’t like pranks and such like that.

I’d put it out of my mind until today, when my teacher tantamount to confessed to being Rainbow D. in front of the class. I guess he was looking for a way to answer questions that wouldn’t intimidate us….? But I don’t know about you, I’d rather get the answers from my teacher than a brony.

Unless, of course, my teacher was the brony. Then.. well, now what?

As if that class isn’t awkward enough already.

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6 Responses to Math Teachers Can be Bronies, Too!

  1. ZNZ says:

    Holy cake, I want your math teacher. D’you want to switch? Mine is quite young and has no quirks that I’ve been able to discern. Yours sounds awesome.

  2. melsar93 says:

    I was never in the military (my father retired from the Air Force though), but I have that same mug. I do wash it about once every year or so.

  3. Haha, I love him already. I want to meet him. He sounds delightfully unique and weird.

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  5. Mercy says:

    I know, old post, but I’d prefer your math teacher to mine. She does math on the weekends for fun. She has three copies of the math textbook – one for school and two for home. My friend asked her jokingly, “So, is it like your Harry Potter or something? Do you read the textbook all the time?”
    And she replied, in all seriousness, “Yeah, it’s just like that!”
    She doesn’t understand sarcasm at all, either.
    She’s utterly boring. I wish we could switch.

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