Would You Like Some Butterbeer With Those Crumpets?

Today I went to a Harry Potter-themed event at a local tea house. We had pumpkin juice, butterbeer, tea, crumpets, chocolate frogs, cucumber sandwiches, and little pancake-like wafers with creme.

There was also a magician who made a live rabbit appear out of an empty pot that he’d lit on fire.

It was pretty awesome, and it was cool to see all the people wearing house robes and Quidditch uniforms, sipping tea out of good china. I think the best part was knowing that, even with all the books released, all the movies out, and Pottermore up and running, there’s still a community of fans that will gather to celebrate what they love. You don’t need a new premiere or a fancy new release to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

In other news, some friends and I went to see Puss in Boots today. The CGI was really well-done; it’s incredible how far movie technology has come in such a short amount of time. The plot was a little stale and obvious, but it had a neat twist at the end that made me appreciate it just a bit more. (And Zach Galifianakis was in it, which means I finally have a point of reference for him other than “that guy from Hot Chelle Rae’s song”.)

Halloween’s coming up. (NO, REALLY? OH MY GOODNESS. CALL THE NEWSPAPER.) I wore my Link (Legend of Zelda) costume to a cosplay contest at Japanese Club on Wednesday and won, which was cool. I’m excited to wear it tomorrow for a church pumpkin carving and chili cookoff, and then again on Monday. I think I’ve decided I’m not going Trick or Treat-ing this year, though. I have too much homework to take the night off, plus any extra time should be put towards getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

Speaking of which, I finally know what I’m going to write. It’s kinda based off this song, except I changed a lot. Well, almost the entire thing is completely different. But it was originally influenced by it.

And that wraps up tonight’s line-of-thought post! I leave you with a poll.

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5 Responses to Would You Like Some Butterbeer With Those Crumpets?

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    If only there were ppl i know who would throw similar events..

  2. JesterMangoz says:

    A Hunger Games theme park….


    • Kirsten says:

      No , it would be cool! See, it could be a recreation of the Capitol, with things like “Capitol Orientation” (a shuttle ride around the park), costumes, merchandise with the Games. I would totally go.

      • I was just wondering how that would work out… That would actually be kind of cool. And they could have thirteen different places that would be District themed. (They could resurrect district thirteen theoretically.)

  3. annanm says:

    Theme parks wise, there needs to be aa Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy park. I know the series is mid seventies and all, but it would be awesome. And as a note i have to add that I just read the first Hunger Games book this weekend, and unfortunately do not understand the appeal at all. The concept was fine, but the writing was so stiff. First person present tense… yuck.

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