Oh, and One Other Thing

In my post about Vocaloids a few days ago, I failed to mention two things. One was the English-released voicepacks like Sweet Ann and Tonio, which I think deserves an extensive post because they’re pretty awesome.

The other was the Vocaloid concerts, which are one of the bigger publicity-garnering events that Yamaha is so good at scoring. Basically….. well, if I try to describe it, it’ll sound stupid. Watch these instead.

This is a great way of promoting the voicepacks because it ties them to a character- the most essential part of selling the vocal libraries to a wide audience. There’s a live band performing the song track, but the vocal track is the original from the program. (Did you notice the huge audience reaction when Len jumped onstage in the third video? Yeah, he’s the fan favorite.)

They held a string of these concerts in Tokyo this year, and then they came to Los Angles in CA, too. I’ve seen a lot of conventions that have done something similar.

Do you think this is the future of concerts as well? Or will people continue to support real people?

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