(NOTE: I was thinking about setting up a few more word wars this weekend. Any takers? Comment (or email me) with interest and availability.)

Reading at the bottom of Mike’s post today that he’s a Psych fan (about time!) got me in the mood to catch up a bit. My sister’s caught up with the whole series and watching new episodes as they come on Hulu, but I’m still watching Season 3 on Netflix.

It’s one of the few live-action, American shows that I thoroughly enjoy. The others are Parks and Rec, The Office, Survivor*, and Pushing Daisies. I watched No Ordinary Family for a while, but there wasn’t enough of J.J. to keep me interested.

Anyway, the best thing about Psych is that it’s completely repetitive, but it never gets old. As paradoxal as it sounds, everyone I’ve talked to who’s watched enough of the series agrees.

*interference. It’s been a long day.

This is my tried-and-true formula (put together during a Friday-night Psych marathon, in which six episodes fit this to a T).

If you were able to read my terrible tablet-scrawl (I’m working on it, I promise!), and you watch Psych, would you agree? No spoilers, though, for the less time-endowed among us!

*Also, did anyone else watch Survivor tonight? I’ve been glued to the TV every Wednesday since it started, all because of John Cochrane. I.  love.  him.  so.  much. Wasn’t Tribal Council AWESOME? And Brandon’s facial expressions during the second challenge– priceless.

Darn good Survivor quote of the night (paraphrased):

Jim: What message do we want to send to future players? That it’s alright to stab your tribe in the back? (addressing Coach) Cochrane’s not a warrior.

Coach: No, we want to send the message that if you stand up for yourself, you won’t get screwed over! That’s a real warrior.

If you liked that format, you need to go read Mike’s blog, because I totally ripped him off here 😉 Terriblely cheesy Amusing pun in the title included.

Does anyone else find this weird?

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5 Responses to Psych-otic

  1. thegreenhermione says:

    I’d say that formula for an episode is fairly accurate even in the current episodes, with the exception of a few new developments that change things up a bit.
    I also love Survivor, although I have yet to watch tonight’s episode! Cochran is amazing!

    • thegreenhermione says:

      Attack of the exclamation points! I did not mean to have one after “episode.” That was just really bugging me.

  2. melsar93 says:

    For the record I can only think of one cheesy pun (<a href=";)Great Square of Cheeza) the rest are all clearly amusing. (You know that’s right.)

    Not sure how I hid my appreciation for Mr. Spencer and his assistant Mr. Pants McGillicutty. I’ve been a fan since the beginning.

    • Aloha says:

      Huh, guess I just hadn’t picked it up. It’s good, because I don’t know a lot of other Psych fans, even though the show seems to be popular. It has more seasons that Stargate: Atlantis, anyway. (And three times the run of Stargate Universe, but there’s no surprise THERE.)

      To be honest, I love and admire your puns.

  3. annanm says:

    I’m going to have to watch Psych now. TO NETFLIX!

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