We Met Joey Graceffa!

Well, we literally ran up and down out of the Grand Canyon, jumped in the car, and made it back in record time just so we could play Skyward Sword all night.

It’s not going to be here until Monday.

So THAT sucks.

But, as promised, I’m finally uploading pictures of our trip. And here’s a particularly noteworthy one, taken at breakfast on Thursday…

Yep, there’s me, Hope, and Bubbles. No editing necessary. (And you wondered why I loved Miku Hatsune so much! It’s ’cause we’re twins.)

Anyway, for the less YouTube-savvy among you, that’s Joey Graceffa– the male half of a popular channel called WinterSpringPro. Hope recognized him right away.

Hope went up and asked if he was Joey from WinterSpringPro. When he said yes, she motioned us over. We took a picture and got his autograph on the back of an old receipt. He said he liked Hope’s Zelda shirt. We asked him if he’d gotten the new game yet– he hadn’t, but he’d watched Jason Munday play it. (Insert fangirl squee.) It was pretty awesome. Afterwards, people asked us who he was, and looked him up on YouTube when we told them. If you have new subscriptions, Joey, you’re welcome.

BEAUTIFUL grease-stained autograph. Win some, lose some.

Some of his notable videos:

On that third video, from 4:56 on he’s at the same hotel we were. We missed him at the Grand Canyon (a day apart, plus there were at least 200,000 people there or something).

Much higher-quality pics from the Grand Canyon tomorrow– I’ve gotta weed out the good ones from the 800+ I took.

Fun times, fun times.

(EDIT: Forgot to mention, he’s also an anime-lover and has the most adorable Ciel cosplay of all time. So, yeah. Anyone that can pull off this deserves kudos.)

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2 Responses to We Met Joey Graceffa!

  1. TayMik23 says:

    That’s awesome! Being a huge Hunger Games fan, I adore the I Wanna Go parody.

  2. That’s sooo cool! At first I was confused as to who he was until I realized he was in the very first video you posted. I love that video so much. That is so amazing you were able to meet him =) Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

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