Me and PostADay? It’s complicated.

A year ago, I wrote a filler post about my favorite MLIA stories. I literally copied and pasted other people’s work onto my blog, without giving credit (which, in all fairness, was impossible considering the nature of the writing). Then, I thought it was a funny way of sharing what I loved.

Now, I see it as plagiarism and a blatant lack of creativity on my part. If I wanted to do something similar, I would make up my own MLIAs and maybe take some pictures or draw doodles to go along with them.

The funny thing is that, last December, I had no schedule to keep. My blog was a few months old, I had maybe five or ten subscribers, and I was just writing whatever whenever the heck I felt like it. I look back on those posts and cringe.

A year later, I feel a lot more confident in the blog, but also a lot more responsibility. It’s been a year and a half, and I just reached my 50-subscriber mark today. (Well, 47, really, because both my parents subscribe, and I’m subscribed to check the email formatting.)

Then there’s the matter of PostADay. Amidst everything I have to do, PostADay is the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. To think creatively and post something that other people will want to read every day for a year… That’s a commitment. And even when I had personal troubles and thought I’d have to quit in the spring, my beautiful wonderful friends Mercy and Olivia stepped in and kept it running.

It’s been a real challenge for me, to schedule my time so that I can put out quality content. Yet it forces me to think outside the box, to ask others for help, and to rely on my community of blogger-friends to understand and help me when I screw up. I love the challenge, the thrill of writing a good post just before the deadline, and then looking back to a year ago and saying, “Wow, I sucked.”

PostADay is a bit like NaNoWriMo: it focuses on quantity, not quality. But somehow, even when you fight every battle and feel like your quality’s awful, when you look back at the starting line you can see how far you’ve come. You’re winning the war to become a better writer.

It’s kind of a love/hate relationship, but in the end it always works out. And we’re only 26 days away from the finish line.

I guess if there’s one thing I’d like to accomplish in keeping a blog consistently, it’s that I would be able to look back at every previous year and say, “Wow, I sucked.”

(Tomorrow’s post is part of the December Teens Can Write Too! blog chain. Preview it here. It’s gonna be 4w350m3!)

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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3 Responses to Me and PostADay? It’s complicated.

  1. melsar93 says:

    Wow, you have twice as many subscribers as I do. Congrats.

  2. Liam says:

    I don’t do PostADay officially, but I sort of do it unofficially. I usually have a post (or two or three) a day, but I never signed up.

  3. I loved your blog then and I love it still now. You have changed but I don’t think your posts back then are any less awesome than the ones now =)

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