Study Hard Anthem

My thanks to Hope for writing a post last night. I’m sixteen feet over my head with finals right now, and needed to focus on studying for my math test.

That being said, this weekend isn’t much better. I have seven tests over five days next week, so I’m cramming in every single one of my classes.

Thus, I thought I’d share my favorite pump-up video with you guys. Every time I get tired of making flashcards or answering study guide questions, I listen to this and it gives me a second (or thirty-ninth) wind to keep going.

Also, pixie sticks help. Why eat all that high fructose corn syrup junk in other candy when all you really want is the pure sugar?

Anyway, here it is, courtesy of GZeeProductions.

I think when I’m done with my English final I’m going to drop my pencil and do my white-girl shuffle.

Or, y’know, quietly finger-dance until the bell rings.

(Edit: Wednesday’s post disappeared, and I have no idea why. It was called “At Least I Acknowledge My Idiocy” and had my entry for the blog chain. Dunno what’s up…. hopefully it’ll reappear on its own. If it doesn’t, I’ll try to figure out what went wrong.)

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3 Responses to Study Hard Anthem

  1. I think I’m going to book mark all your study/final posts for next April when I’m going through the same thing. This video is awesome 🙂

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