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Summer Brings Splendid Things (PCC 2012)

Hey, guys. Aloha here. It’s been a while since I blogged, which I will contribute to school, finals, and writer’s block. Fortunately, IT’S SUMMER NOW! πŸ˜€ And time for a bunch of awesome things. (My eloquence. It’s stunning.) —No, Aloha, … Continue reading

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Secrets, Pawns, and a Handful of Berries

Like every other literary-inclined-slash-hipster teenager in America, I was outside the theater at eight o’clock on Thursday with my hiking boots and caffeine. And all the other hipsters will tell you that they read the Hunger Games before it was … Continue reading

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Give Me a Medal and Call me Charlie Sheen

….’cause I’m so WINNING. Well, that’s quite an overstatement, but I didn’t have a better title. To be frank, I find that comparing myself to Charlie Sheen is more of an insult than anything else. However, I did win a … Continue reading

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Hola! Also, Death to SOPA/PIPA.

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s been over two weeks since PostADay ended? To be honest, it’s been kind of a relief to take a breather and just enjoy the creative output of others– a little too relaxing, perhaps πŸ™‚ … Continue reading

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The End of a Supermegafoxyawesomehot Year

It’s kind of funny how WordPress has the option of letting us directly upload their handy little stats page, like they’re offering us an out from finishing Postaday2011 with a bang. WELL, REJECTED, WORDPRESS. THIS IS GONNA BE LEGIT. (But … Continue reading

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My Life in a Tweet

Today’s post is really lame so that you can appreciate tomorrow’s end-of-the-year awesome-post. Please believe that πŸ™‚

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War Horse

Today we went to see the new movie War Horse, based on a book by the same name, and directed by Steven Spielberg. I already had expectations for it because the novel was my favorite book when I was in … Continue reading

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Winter Lights

Our neighborhood is filled with lights, and tonight my dad and I went out to take some pictures. Mainly we wanted to experiment with the tripod, since we haven’t used it with the Rebel before. I’m not sure how great … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Rin and Len!

Today marks the anniversary of the release of two of the most popular Vocaloids, Rin and Len Kagamine. They were released by Crypton in 2007 as part of the Vocaloid 2 series, following the success of virtual pop star Miku … Continue reading

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Mint Espresso Beans Make One Hyper

…. !! πŸ˜€ My parents don’t like me drinking coffee, so I think this was their way of coming to a compromise. I can still fill myself full of caffeine and sugar, but this way I don’t spill it everywhere. … Continue reading

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