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Novel Rock Anthem (LMFAO Parody)

I’m working on a parody of Party Rock Anthem (late on the bandwagon much? I know). The rough draft’s… well, rough, but I think it’s fun to try and rap. Let me know what you think and if you have … Continue reading

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Bruno Mars Grenade Parody- HFG Tribute

Music: link. Original song is Grenade by Bruno Mars Serenade (by Aloha Starz) Easy come, easy go That’s ‘cause you don’t live, oh I’ve read all your books But affection you don’t give Should’ve known you was trouble From chapter … Continue reading

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Tonight Tonight Parody (Just Write, Just Write)

Song (requested by Kirsten :D) It’s been a really, really hectic week 7 days of torture, wishin’ for the winter Camp NaNo got away from me It’s a real hard time but y’know I’m not a quitter La, la, la, … Continue reading

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Last Friday Night Parody

Song: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry, link (It does have a few bad words in the actual version… but if you sing the parody loud enough, you can drown them out :D) . There’s ten notebooks in my bed and … Continue reading

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What’s This? A Song Parody?

A Death Note (L) tribute to the tune of FAME by Irena Cara (link), with original lyrics (link) (And if you’ve never heard of Death Note, 1. Fix this immediately!! and 2. here’s the wikipedia page….) *instrumental opening* Raito, look … Continue reading

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I Wanna Roll With the Gangstas

But so far they all think I’m too white and nerdy.

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Eatin’ Rollos

((Sorry, guys, I guess I’m just in a parody-ish mood lately. I’m posting this from the car, so if any of this is spazzed out, that’s why. It’s not perfect, but, whatever. Nobody’s perfect. Song: )) I’m really, really starved … Continue reading

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