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I Love You, Now Let’s Take Down the Government

What’s this, a post? Not only a legitimate post, but I actually managed to contribute to the TCWT blog chain on the right day this month? *celebration* The theme for this month’s blog chain is… “What are your thoughts on … Continue reading

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A Novel Concept

November is my favorite month of the year, for obvious reasons. I spend all year preparing for NaNoWriMo, whether it be stocking up on pixie sticks or taking note of interesting names and events. At first it seemed awkward to … Continue reading

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Need a Word-Count Booster?

Come join us tomorrow night, Friday November 4th for a night of writing, encouragement, and socializing with fellow NaNoers! I’m hosting a word war for whoever wants to come (there are at least five people confirmed right now). I’ve also … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

For information on what the heck NaNo actually is, go here. As November rapidly approaches (ten days!), you might be feeling that last-minute panic as you rush to prepare for the novel-writing adventure. But take a deep breath and pull … Continue reading

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Let “Said” Be Enough

I’ve been rereading my much-loved copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers recently, in an attempt to get myself in a noveling mindset, and I think it might be working. While none of the material is new, a lot of it … Continue reading

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