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How To Make the College Paper (via Ashley Jillian)

Ashley Jillian has worked extensively in the field of journalism, and she’s generous enough to share some tips if you’re interested in the field. Thanks, Jillian, and to everyone else, enjoy! It's college newspaper recruitment season, so I thought I … Continue reading

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The Handy Dandy Guide to Avoiding Getting Called On (via Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News)

In preparing for school (which starts a week from today for many minors, including myself), here’s a great post by a hilarious blogger I happened to make the acquaintance of last week. Enjoy! Even the best of students have those … Continue reading

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Guest Post- What Are You Going to Do?

You’ve heard from me (obviously), my mom, and my sister (kinda)…. so it’s my dad’s turn to guest post! Taking a break from our usual llama-filled prose, he’s here to share a bit about plans for the future and the … Continue reading

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