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Why anime’s not as bad as you think it is

I’ve read several posts lately by some of my favorite blogger friends that talk about their opinions on anime, manga, and the general saturation of Japanese culture into the rest of the world. Their views were different than mine, which … Continue reading

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Happy International FMA Day!

All around the world, today, masses of otaku nerds held a day of celebration and remembrance. Red jackets were donned, pocketwatches referenced, manga clutched, and action figures doted on as we all held true to October 3rd, the day Edward … Continue reading

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HFG: Edward Elric

┬áName: Edward Elric Source: Fullmetal Alchemist Age: 15 Personality: Generally hotheaded, leap-before-you-look. But he’s brilliant, and extremely hardworking and talented. Bio: After his mother died, Edward and his younger brother Alphonse attempted to bring her back to life using alchemy. … Continue reading

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