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New Hunger Games Trailer–Perfection?

In case they’ve taken that link down due to copyright restrictions, here’s an article with another trailer. When I heard they were releasing another Hunger Games trailer during Good Morning America today, I’ll admit that I was worried. The last … Continue reading

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Hunger Games Fan-Made Videos

I know I can’t be the only one who’s not going to make it to March with the current official trailer… (One of the comments on the YouTube version was, “Well, at least we know what the trees will look like”.) … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Movie Production Pics

So a while back I posted some stuff about Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), and the release date (March 23, 2012), and costars Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth). Well now we have PICTURES!! 😀 It won’t let me embed them … Continue reading

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Hot Fictional Guys You Should Know About: Peeta and Gale

Because including one and not the other is just rude. Whichever side of the Hunger Games love triangle you side on, you have to admit both guys have their merits. Peeta is the compassionate and articulate baker, the boy with … Continue reading

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Katniss Cast: And the Odds Are in Our Favor

We’ve got a date: March 23, 2012. We’ve got a director: Gary Ross. And now we’ve got ourselves a Katniss. Meet Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar nominee that’s still fairly new to the Hollywood scene. I was hesitant about her at … Continue reading

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Hunger Games Movie Release Date!!

There’s been a lot of speculation, well, everywhere about the Hunger Games movie– if, when, who, what, where– but one thing we all know is why. The bestselling YA lit series has had fans clammoring for a movie since it … Continue reading

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Fire”fighters” and British Spies

This happens to be my 100th post, yay! Faith actually hit hers two days ago, though, link, and her guest-blogger, Shakesperian parody, and character interaction are better than I could do myself. So if you’re in the celebratory mood, read (or reread =P) her … Continue reading

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