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Five Fronts, Three Fonts, One Fount

Our copy of Skyward Sword hasn’t come yet (although we’re on the verge of checking the mail every two hours, just in case), so I can’t blog about it tonight as I had planned. Guess I’d better write an actual … Continue reading

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Five Things I’ve Gone from Hating to Loving

I’ll admit, I’m somewhat of a hypocrite. Either I’ll dismiss a book before I’ve read it, listen to one song of an artist and hate them, or pass judgements on people before I actually get to know them. Then I’ll … Continue reading

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HFYSKA: Marius

Name: Marius Pontmercy From: Les Miserables Age: Late teens Personality: Generous, kindhearted, and a hopeless romantic, Marius is torn between battling with his friends for his country and staying behind to protect the one he loves—Cosette—but ultimately risks his life … Continue reading

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