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Name: Alex Rider Age: 14 at the start of the first book Personality: Very curious, determined, and fiercely loyal to his friends, family, and country. Will go to any length to protect those he loves, even if it means sacrificing … Continue reading

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How I Accidentally Got a Book Signed to Someone Who Doesn’t Exist

  There are times when having a pen name is a good thing, like when you’re writing novels or….. well….. um….. Okay, there’s really no other time you should use a pen name. If you’re not noveling, don’t do it. … Continue reading

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What NOT To Do When Your Opera-House is Taken Over by a Ghost

Okay, so you seem to be having supernatural problems while trying to juggle the many duties of managing one of France’s largest and most successful Opera houses. Don’t panic. Our experts at Aloha’s Painless Ghost Extraction (APGE, trademark pending) are here to … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Serenade to the Special (Fictional) Guys in My Life

February 14th is a day to let that special someone know how you feel. Here goes. Ah, Dr. Horrible. The crazy random happenstances we’ve shared together over the past three months touch my heart. We share a love of doom … Continue reading

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