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Need a Word-Count Booster?

Come join us tomorrow night, Friday November 4th for a night of writing, encouragement, and socializing with fellow NaNoers! I’m hosting a word war for whoever wants to come (there are at least five people confirmed right now). I’ve also … Continue reading

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Nola’s My Rolling Girl

Tonight I was checking my email before going to blog, and I had my YouTube playlist of favorite songs on. As the song “Rolling Girl” (a Vocaloid song, but I was listening to an English version) came on, it suddenly … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Well, I’m sure you’re all busy having fun, and I’m busy studying for my Biology test first thing tomorrow, so I’ll make it short. Things to Look Forward to in November -NaNoWriMo, obviously! More on that tomorrow (being the kickoff … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Butterbeer With Those Crumpets?

Today I went to a Harry Potter-themed event at a local┬átea house. We had pumpkin juice, butterbeer, tea, crumpets, chocolate frogs, cucumber sandwiches, and little pancake-like wafers with creme. There was also a magician who made a live rabbit appear … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

For information on what the heck NaNo actually is, go here. As November rapidly approaches (ten days!), you might be feeling that last-minute panic as you rush to prepare for the novel-writing adventure. But take a deep breath and pull … Continue reading

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“There’s a corpse in our classroom!!”

This morning started off normally. I woke up late, jumped in the shower, ran for the bus, and made it to class in time for Japanese lessons at eight fifteen. I was the first one to get there, so I … Continue reading

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Poll: Are You Prepared for November?

I only ask because it’s a mere month away. Can you believe it? Has the year really gone by so fast? (Oh, and on an interesting note, I was wearing my NaNo shirt to school the other day, and a … Continue reading

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Let “Said” Be Enough

I’ve been rereading my much-loved copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers recently, in an attempt to get myself in a noveling mindset, and I think it might be working. While none of the material is new, a lot of it … Continue reading

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Good Things Happen When Aloha Goes Crazy

Today I found all of the handwritten pages from NaNoWriMo 2010 stuffed in a drawer under my 6th grade yearbook, a couple ’08 calendars, some markers that didn’t work, and the entire American Heritage dictionary. They’ve been there since December … Continue reading

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What Would the Normal People Think?

Today, I looked at my blog from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know anything about NaNoWriMo, me, nerdfighting quarks, llamas, or chocolate milk. (I love how my natural instinct was to put NaNoWriMo before myself.) Anyway, looking over Embracing … Continue reading

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