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5 Tips to Ace Final Exams

What? you say. Finals, Aloha? But it’s only December! You’d think that your teachers would have better things to do than give you tests–like bake Christmas cookies or watch anime. I was shocked too. The education system isn’t everything MLIA … Continue reading

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Procrastination (via You Are Not So Smart)

I found a great post today on an interesting psychology blog that I’d thought I’d share. (Actually, it’s because I ran out of time to write a half-decent post… which is why it’s it’s ironic.) Enjoy! The Misconception: You procrastinate because … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Procrastination

It’s Thursday night, AKA “let’s-give-the-students-homework-until-their-backpacks-break-open-and-make-a-confetti-shower-of-“almost-weekend”-celebratory-worksheets!!” night. Or something. When faced with adversity such as this, there’s only one thing a student can do to overcome it, and that is to procrastinate. Of course I don’t do this (shout out to … Continue reading

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YouTube’s Latest Feature: Funny or Flop?

I’m not sure when exactly they first debuted the technology, but my friend pointed it out to me last week—YouTube has installed a little button on the bottom of most videos. It’s a little rectangle with “CC” on it: . … Continue reading

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Average is to be Celebrated

My Life is Average. The best website if you ever need a surefire way of putting off all your homework until 2am the morning it’s due. Here are some of my favorites (If by some freak accident one happens to … Continue reading

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Lookit, It’s November!

…and I’m six thousand words behind. I just wanted to assure you that I am alive and doomed. (In a good way.) But alas, NaNoWriMo is proving more difficult than I expected. (Well, actually, less difficult than my theorizing, but … Continue reading

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