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Study Hard Anthem

My thanks to Hope for writing a post last night. I’m sixteen feet over my head with finals right now, and needed to focus on studying for my math test. That being said, this weekend isn’t much better. I have … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Ace Final Exams

What? you say. Finals, Aloha? But it’s only December! You’d think that your teachers would have better things to do than give you tests–like bake Christmas cookies or watch anime. I was shocked too. The education system isn’t everything MLIA … Continue reading

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School Rules (And What They Really Mean)

The first day of school is a roller coaster of fun and excitement. Minus the fun and excitement. And the roller coaster, because that implies enjoyment. Okay, actually, take the puking, lightheaded, dizzy panic of the roller coaster, keep it, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Summer. It’s been fun.

School officially starts tomorrow morning, 8:15. I haven’t been awake that early in months. I’ll start off the day with a nice hour or so of algebra (almost two hours on block day), and it only gets better from there, … Continue reading

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The Handy Dandy Guide to Avoiding Getting Called On (via Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News)

In preparing for school (which starts a week from today for many minors, including myself), here’s a great post by a hilarious blogger I happened to make the acquaintance of last week. Enjoy! Even the best of students have those … Continue reading

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Summer Ends and Camp NaNoWriMo Begins

Today marks the beginning of the month, our first day home from vacation, the start of Camp NaNoWriMo for many (including, at least until school starts, myself), and the expiration date of the chocolate milk I finished last week. But … Continue reading

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Guest Post- What Are You Going to Do?

You’ve heard from me (obviously), my mom, and my sister (kinda)…. so it’s my dad’s turn to guest post! Taking a break from our usual llama-filled prose, he’s here to share a bit about plans for the future and the … Continue reading

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The Education System VS Invader Zim

Today, my little brother had a school assignment. As a unit introduction, they had to write the lyrics to their favorite song, and put the artist (“singer”, the teacher presumably explained to the seven year olds) up at the top. … Continue reading

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