Give Me a Medal and Call me Charlie Sheen

….’cause I’m so WINNING.

Well, that’s quite an overstatement, but I didn’t have a better title. To be frank, I find that comparing myself to Charlie Sheen is more of an insult than anything else.

However, I did win a handful of awards, twice. Once by the ever-lovely Faith over at The Love of Words, and then again by Sarah (a writer, Nerdfighter, and particularly interesting person that I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting) at Comfy Sweaters, Writing and Fish. Thank you, guys!

1) First off, here’s an odd award called Mrs. Sparlies Ten Commandments. Lolwut? And look at the icon:

That kind of scares me a bit, but we’ll roll with it. I’ll talk fast!

Instead of doing a normal acceptance speech or passing it on with a quick word of thanks, this one’s actually got a little quiz/survey/questionnaire thing.

Describe Your Self in 7 Words: Weird, sarcastic, dark, obnoxious, procrastinator, careless, forgetful.

What Keeps You Up At Night: Tumblr? But seriously, thoughts of mortality and the meaning of human existence. (Mostly just tumblr.)

Whom Would You Like To Be: Ideally? A cowgirl, writer, artist, singer, songwriter, animator, poet, photographer, voice actress, and cosplay model.

Realistically? See above, minus singer because I can’t sing.

(I’m only joking, of course. My lifelong goal is to become a real-estate agent, or that failing, a cafeteria worker.)

What Are You Wearing Now: Jeans, a turquoise shirt, boots. Earlier I was wearing my Kagamine Rin wig.

What Scares You: “Hmm. My absolute lack of fears could be considered quite frightening…WOULD be my answer, if I hadn’t just seen the thumbnail for this award again. So my answer is, the thumbnail fo this award.” That’s what Sarah said, and it makes me laugh so I’m keeping it. (Plus I agree.)

I’d only like to add snakes, failure, and dying young. But mostly the thumbnail.

What Was The Last Website You Looked At: YouTube. There’s this group singing contest going on called VocaFusion, and the second round of entries just went up. They’re brilliant. (I’m not entered in any groups, but I know a lot of people who are.)

What is One Thing You Want To Change About Your Self: I wish I was born with laser eyes and natural leadership ability, because I would be on the track to take over the world. The way things are now, it’ll just be a bit more work, is all.

Slankets, Yes or No: What’s a slanket? Maybe it’s a slanted bucket? Yeah, sure, I’m okay with that, as long as it retains its original purpose, of holding things.

(I know, it’s like a snuggie or something. But that’s boring. Now PILLOW PETS ❤ Those I love. I sleep with mine every night, it’s the best combination of a pillow and stuffed animal that I own. Plus it’s adorableeee.)

Tell Us Something About The Person Who Nominated You: Faith is an incredible, brilliant friend of mine. I’ve known her for several years and her wit and insight continue to inspire me. Plus, she reads the best sort of books 🙂

I only discovered Sarah’s blog today, although had I kept up with my reading and commenting on the TCWT! blog chain, I would have met her much sooner. Based on my limited reading, she’s a clever writer, thoughtful poet, and a nerdfighter who has not forgotten to be awesome. I look forward to talking with her more 😀

2) The Sunshine Award.

This one’s pretty simple (with a less vomit-inducing icon)– it has more questions. I’m supposed to thank the people who nominated me. So, uh, thanks, Faith and Sarah!

Favorite colors: Grey and blue.

Favorite Animal: Horses, obviously 😀 I’m also partial to llamas and cats.

Favorite Number: 42.

Favorite Drink: Coffee. I love Coke, too.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter ❤ As for Facebook, I could take it or leave it.

Your Passion: My church, my horse, and my art (literary and visual).

Giving or Receiving: Can I say Both? I’m saying Both.

Favorite Pattern: There’s something about plaid. It’s fun to draw.

Favorite Day of The Week: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Favorite Flower: Not a huge flower person, but roses are pretty.

3) Candle Lighter Award

There are no rules or anything for this one. It’s just for a blog that “brightens” your day. Sweet, huh?

4) Leibster Blog Award

I don’t think there are any rules for this one, either. Could be mistaken. It’s nice, anyway. (Not to reference an outdated internet meme, but…..

I have too much fun here.


Okay, let’s nominate, shall we? Here, in no particular order, are people that I want to submit to torture answer those splendid questions.

Mercy, my all-time favorite mustached crepe vendor. Without her, I wouldn’t have discovered the joys of Twitter, Doctor Who, or fanart of breakfast pastries.

Mike, who I will force to become my personal chef once the Master Plan of World Domination is complete. He will recreate every dessert dish from the Mike and Mitch Project. Every day. And I will eat them all.

Skye, because even though I don’t know her that well, she’s awesome, and I love her blog. I’d like to get to know her better.

Alice Mellark, because she shares my insane love of fictional characters. And these questions can serve as a sort of background check before we go to the convention together this summer *high five*

John Hansen and Allegra, because they puts an unbelievable amount of time and effort into building up the TCWT! blog chain, as well as an e-zine for teens, The Trivial Typewriter. I know that a lot of people appreciate it, myself included.

(A few people that I wanted to nominate have already been nominated, so just know that you were in my thoughts as well~)


(Side-note: How to use my new meme.)

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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22 Responses to Give Me a Medal and Call me Charlie Sheen

  1. You have tumblr? Forget the never speak of tumblr outside of tumblr rule, can I get your link? 🙂 Also, yay for you answering these questions. Quite interesting and informative =) and lovely like you. Which is a weird way to say it considering it’s about you and makes you more awesome and lovely and I’m going to shut up now.

    • Aloha says:
      It’s mostly just a collection of things that make me happy XD What’s yours?

      Thank you so much! And I’m honored to have been nominated by you.

      • bubblesnthings I followed you so it should pop up somewhere 🙂 It’s kind of weird. It’s filled with fandoms and my attempts at recovery. So that means right now it’s filled with happy stuff mostly.

        You’re welcome 😀 I think I was supposed to get ten people but I just picked all the blogs I really like and didn’t care whether they had been nominated or the last time they had blogged. I’ve not been keeping up very well lately but I will be back soon! I will be back and then you’ll see! 😀

  2. Katie says:

    Psst … psst … you want a crepe, little girl?
    No, but seriously, thanks. :{D And I’m betting those two sentences about me don’t make sense to anyone, but that’s perfectly fine.
    And also, slankets are British snuggies, which make them instantly more epic.
    I wonder if search results for “mercy mustachioed crepe vendor” are going to rise on my blog?

    • Aloha says:

      It’s a pedo… it’s a white van… NO, IT’S A BUFFALO!


      British snuggies? What’s different about them? When I picture a British snuggie, all I can see is a regular snuggie, but with a monocle and a cooler accent.

      I hope they do, my friend. I hope they do. (In reference to your search results being screwed up by our randomness)

  3. BushMaid says:

    *loves finding new Aloha posts* 😀 Aloha, you need to blog more often! Else I’ll be subjected to browsing last years archive just so I can get my daily/weekly Aloha-laughs. 😀

  4. Thank you very much for passing on these wonderful (coughcoughhorrifying) awards to myself and John, who I’m sure will be over in due time to thank you himself.
    Also, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one here who more-or-less wastes enormous amounts of time on Tumblr. That website is dangerous, I tell you.

    • Aloha says:

      Sword< Pen< Lightsaber< Tumblr.


      (And I realized after reading other acceptance posts more carefully that it's actually "Miss Sparklie's Blog Award", not "sparlies". I thought it was weird at first, but figured that the name couldn't be much weirder than the icon. Oh well XD)

  5. Liam, Head Phil says:

    The rules for the Liebster are as follows:
    1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
    2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
    3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
    4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed. (Some say just 3 or more blogs of less than 200 followers each).
    5. Let them know they have been chosen, by leaving a comment at their blog.
    Other than that, you’re good! So far Mrs. Sparkly has made everyone puke.

    • Aloha says:

      Ah, thank you! Someone should attach those rules now, before the awards spread further without it *sweatdrop*

      I think I mostly covered that…. generally, at least. Thanks though!

  6. Skye says:

    Thank you so much for the awards! Seriously, you made my day yesterday!

    • Aloha says:

      Aw, no problem ^.^ I’m looking forward to getting to know you better! (Also, did you get a comment (or six) on your blog? I tried commenting, even though I honestly believe that the Blogspot comment system will be the death of me. If not, let me know.)

      • Skye says:

        No, I didn’t get any comments from you – I just redid it today so that you can do the Name/URL option, so try that, maybe it will work better than trying to get Google to accept WordPress.

  7. Alice Hutcherson Mellark says:

    Aw thank you so much for nominating me! I am so honored because your blog is so funny and amazing! 😀 And one more thing… I thought your favorite drink was chocolate milk or something coconut related?! Lol

    • Aloha says:

      I do enjoy chocolate milk, but to be honest I’ve tried to be good and cut back on it this year, because when I get crazy like that it’s hard for me to focus on homework. (Today was actually my first glass in quite a while.) As for coconut milk, I used to drink it STRAIGHT, but to be honest it got a little sickening after a while (it’s so thick, OTL).

      No problem! Have you done an acceptance post yet? I’ll have to go over and stalk your blog when I have a bit of time this weekend. XD

      • Alice Hutcherson Mellark says:

        Yeah I did post it… I think two days ago? Something like that. It is indeed up if you want to see it!

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  9. wreakinghavoc14 says:

    I forgot to comment the first time I read this which Is crazy, because I think you are quite hilarious. Particularly your slanted buckets. *nods head* Yes. I found that quite funny.

    • Aloha says:

      Thank you! I’m mostly just happy that people can read my [gosh-darn awful] handwriting. It’s decent on paper, but you give me a tablet and I can’t write to save my life XD

      I’m thinking of putting a patent on slanted buckets. There might be a market. (And I can make some stupid infomercials to go on late-night television, just for fun.) Any ideas for a slogan? Something catchy, weird, and easily sung by a chorus of pre-puberty children.

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  11. Hope says:

    A slant of a bucket or a slant of the head,
    Buy our bucket!
    (or else you’ll be dead)

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