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Bruno Mars Grenade Parody- HFG Tribute

Music: link. Original song is Grenade by Bruno Mars Serenade (by Aloha Starz) Easy come, easy go That’s ‘cause you don’t live, oh I’ve read all your books But affection you don’t give Should’ve known you was trouble From chapter … Continue reading

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Songs About Llamas

Please, like you never anticipated this. Start with the basics: the original, hands-down best llama song. Llama With Innumerable Chins/The Jell-O Llama Bruno Mars, llamas in cars, and tacos Llamas With Hats Remix That’ll sate your appetite. For more, just … Continue reading

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The First Released Footage of The Hunger Games

Katniss, Gale’s voice, and some neat graphics…. which is all we get for now.

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The Ultimate Challenge

There comes a point in every man and woman’s life in which they must prove themselves to the world. A distinguishable difference between the capable and the wimps is forged, molded, and set into stone. For the rest of your … Continue reading

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REAL Hot Guys: Vic Mignogna

You remember Edward, Zero, and Tamaki, all featured in the regular Hot Fictional Guys You Should Know About series? Well, combine them. You get Vic. Literally. Mr. Vic Mignogna, also known as Leader of the Risembool Rangers, William Shatner’s ideal … Continue reading

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School Rules (And What They Really Mean)

The first day of school is a roller coaster of fun and excitement. Minus the fun and excitement. And the roller coaster, because that implies enjoyment. Okay, actually, take the puking, lightheaded, dizzy panic of the roller coaster, keep it, … Continue reading

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How To Make the College Paper (via Ashley Jillian)

Ashley Jillian has worked extensively in the field of journalism, and she’s generous enough to share some tips if you’re interested in the field. Thanks, Jillian, and to everyone else, enjoy! It's college newspaper recruitment season, so I thought I … Continue reading

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