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Summer Brings Splendid Things (PCC 2012)

Hey, guys. Aloha here. It’s been a while since I blogged, which I will contribute to school, finals, and writer’s block. Fortunately, IT’S SUMMER NOW! 😀 And time for a bunch of awesome things. (My eloquence. It’s stunning.) —No, Aloha, … Continue reading

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Need a Word-Count Booster?

Come join us tomorrow night, Friday November 4th for a night of writing, encouragement, and socializing with fellow NaNoers! I’m hosting a word war for whoever wants to come (there are at least five people confirmed right now). I’ve also … Continue reading

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Guest post: A Few of My Favorite (SciFi) Things

Aloha’s Dad here again, filling in while she catches up on homework. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite science fiction things. TV Shows. In chronological order based on when I watched them. Star Trek the … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Procrastination

It’s Thursday night, AKA “let’s-give-the-students-homework-until-their-backpacks-break-open-and-make-a-confetti-shower-of-“almost-weekend”-celebratory-worksheets!!” night. Or something. When faced with adversity such as this, there’s only one thing a student can do to overcome it, and that is to procrastinate. Of course I don’t do this (shout out to … Continue reading

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Cellular Haikus, Plus a Surprise

In Biology class, we had two assignments for homework. One, to study for a giant cell quiz tomorrow (“draw, label, and describe a diagram of all the parts of a generalized cell”). Two, write a haiku for one of the … Continue reading

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Loving Fictional Characters: Yes or No?

EDIT: To clarify, sorry, I didn’t make this video. That is not me, I didn’t write the script, I didn’t even find it myself *laugh*. It placed in a Vlogbrothers “nerdiness” competition. I just thought it fit the blog really … Continue reading

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The Versatile Blogging Awards

I’ve gotten this award once before, but I believe the post was obscured by my hiatus. And I just got tagged by Faith (love you :D), so here it is again. 1. Thank and link to the person who nominated … Continue reading

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