Cellular Haikus, Plus a Surprise

In Biology class, we had two assignments for homework. One, to study for a giant cell quiz tomorrow (“draw, label, and describe a diagram of all the parts of a generalized cell”). Two, write a haiku for one of the cell parts to be able to remember it.

Fortunately, I’m really good at haikus, and I’m also better at remembering things when I’ve done something creative with them. So instead of doing one haiku and trying to study off a diagram for the rest of the night, I’m writing haikus for all nineteen parts of the cell we have to memorize. I’m not done yet (not by a long shot, lol), but I thought I’d share the ones I already have.

Yes, the cell membrane

Manages traffic between

Outside and inside


Cell wall; supportive

Very rigid; not alive

Exclusive to plants


The cytoplasm

Consistency of jelly

Surrounds organelles



Shapes and supports the whole cell

A protein backbone



“Adenosine triphosphate”

—Makes this ATP



On outside of cell membrane,

Coordinates movement.


Lysosomes contain

Digestive enzymes to break

Down waste; rare in plants


Anyway, if you find any of those useful, feel free to study with them. And if you have any improvements, or ideas for others, don’t hesitate to share! (Preferably before third period tomorrow, haha, but it can never hurt to improve them later, too.)

And now for the surprise…. This isn’t YouTube, I promise. Click it. Let me know what you think.


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5 Responses to Cellular Haikus, Plus a Surprise

  1. Olivia says:

    I love these. xD I don’t think I can equal such awesomeness, but I’ll have a go.

    Central vacuole
    Uses turgor pressure to
    Keep the plant upright.

    The rough E.R. is
    Laced with ribosomes, whereas
    Smooth E.R. has none.

    Ribosomes help out
    With synthesis of protein,
    i.e., translation.

    Ah, the nucleus,
    Keeper of the DNA,
    Yes, you’ve got the genes.

    *giggles* This was really fun. How clever of your biology teacher to make you do this! I think I’m going to start using haikus now. xD

  2. Kirsten says:

    Darn. We learned this last year, so I can’t use them. But this is so awesome. No, really.

  3. That surprise is fricking awesome. And so are the haiku 🙂
    And I am fricking lame at replying 😛 But seriously, I’m excited about that new blog of yours. And also I’m still your idea of haiku next time I have to memorize something for school.

  4. hithere298 says:

    Genius!!! If only I had this last year in Life Science. But unless I fail honors (which is a pretty big possibility) I’ll be taking biology next year, so I’ll just keep this convenient page bookmarked

  5. hithere298 says:

    I’m actually using this as part of my study guide right now. Tis awesome.

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