I’ve a new obsession as of late.

You groan. Cheesecake? Monopoly? Declaring the pending apocalypse on nearby street corners?

Although I love all of those things, no. I’ve been writing haikus lately, although its sort of a departure from the standard “Leaves rustle softly/ A green frog croaks a soft tune/ Japanese Garden”.

Actually, that didn’t turn out bad. I wrote it on the spot. See? I’m getting better. Here’s some I’ve been writing in the past few days or so.

Dear popular kid,

Wait until you work for me!

The last laugh is mine.


The Bestseller List,

Here I come. My name is [….]

Hear my written roar.



Don’t forget to be awesome.

Angry giant squid.



Claustrophobia llama

Gotta love cheesecake

((This was a late-night poetry fest. Very late.))


Gotta be nature?

Well my haiku is different.

Totally pointless.


My Life is Average

WalMart, Harry Potter nerds

Laughing in my class.


Teachers– please don’t try

To kill us with the homework

You hate grading, too!


This project is due

Tomorrow, and I have not

Even started it.


Open up your eyes

There’s a world out there, just look

People suffering


I decided that

Horses do indeed count as

Your very best friends.


Sendimental poems

Cannot be written well in

Five, seven, five. See?


That’s all for tonight. I have some more but they’re Christmas presents 😉

Have a great Wednesday. Remember, whatever you’re going through, someone else has it worse. God loves you. Smile today.


(Supreme dooming girl

Needs to do her homework now

I will post later.)

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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13 Responses to Haikus

  1. BushMaid says:

    I quite like haikus,
    They’re on poetry.com
    As competitions.

    You win a mousepad
    For a really good haiku.
    I haven’t won yet.

    They mustn’t like mine,
    For some strange, unknown reason.
    Why not, do you think? 😀

    I just checked that site:
    They don’t have haiku comps now.
    Good on the killjoys.

    I think I see why
    I never won any comps.
    My haikus do suck. 🙂

    Well, what do you do?
    I sure get points for trying!
    Quitting whilst ahead…

    Au revoir! 😀

  2. Nia says:

    5-7-5, right?

    Cold metal falling
    From the hands of a villain
    Victory is won.

  3. This is amazing
    I very like your haikus
    They are fabulous

    XD I like haikus too! I think it’s fun that you can include just a big thought with such a small amount of words.

    • Aloha says:

      XD Suhweet. I know what you mean– Every one is unique and you can say so much!
      Then again, it’s like the opposite of NaNo because more is less. Quality, not quantity.

      • BushMaid says:

        True. 😀 Bit of advice for you guys: if you do a college course on writing business letters, throw the last ten years of studying how to summarize, write to-the-point, and writing effectively out the window. In business, you have to expand, fluff up, and write a whole bunch of stuff out of nothing for you to get a pass and to sound “Business-like”. 😦 Not fun!

  4. Mercy says:

    My favorite haiku? It goes something like this:

    “Haikus are quite fun
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

    Missing my haikus
    You make me want to write more
    Thank you, Aloha

    Awhile back, I wrote so many haikus … it was all because of Percy Jackson (The Titan’s Curse). Then I just didn’t have time for them anymore. I think I might start writing them again. 🙂

  5. BushMaid says:

    *bearhugs Aloha* I just realized you signed up on Mainsite the second I got kicked off YWP. You’re so wonderful, Aloha! I don’t deserve you as a buddy. *glomps* xo

  6. Tigers Eyes says:

    *grins* I’m biding my time…
    On the 16th, I’m coming to the main site too, I just have to. You’ll be around, right, Bushy???
    Oh, and I love Haiku’s but I’m useless at writing them… >.> Then again, I haven’t reallly tried…
    Okies, I’ll try.

  7. Mercy says:

    I thought of one, about this post!

    Cheesecake is yummy,
    And Monopoly is fun.
    (Haikus are better.)

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