The Top Five Best Things About Fridays

I don’t know about you, but as far as weekdays go, Friday kind of pwns. There seems to be a lighter feeling in the air at the end of every workweek, because it’s human instinct to anticipate the blissful laziness of Saturday mornings. Here’s another five reasons why Friday is the best day ending in “y”:

1) No homework. This may not apply to everyone, but it has applied or will apply to you at some point in your life. Sure, you might have six pages of Algebra, a Biology lab report, two articles for Journalism, a double-sided worksheet of Spanish, and assigned reading for English class all due Monday*….

….but that’s a whole two days from now. You can put it out of your mind until Sunday night at eight thirty, then cram and swear at yourself and promise to start earlier the next week.

2) Your teachers want school to be over just as much as– if not more than– you do. Some of them will give you the last half of the period to “do homework for other classes or talk at a whisper amoungst yourselves” (read: social hour), or others will make the lessons a little lighter. Today my Spanish teacher had us play games identifying verbs and their irregular congegations, my Journalism teacher gave us the aforementioned free period, and in Aerobics we did a session of Zumba with the music so loud the walls started to shake.

There are some teachers who will give the intended lesson whenever they goshdarn want to, and make you sit through an hour and five minutes of parabolas and algebraic expressions, but thankfully they’re in the minority.

3) Even if you’re not invited to the popular kids’ parties, there’s always a celebration happening online. Spend the night reading blogs, hanging out in chatrooms, perusing art on dA, wasting away your precious lifespan watching MLP: Friendship is Magic clips on YouTube, glued to the latest Parks and Rec– heck yeah, it’s all free. (But BYOCM**.)

4) New episodes of The Guild and The LXD are released every Thursday, and Hulu posts the latest Tiger and Bunny every Saturday, which means you’re in a “new brilliant content” hotspot. A good place to be indeed.

5) Thankfully, the most prominent song on this day is no longer Rebecca Black’s legendary earsore. We can return to our enjoyment of the REAL Friday song.

*Before you ask, NO, Mom. I don’t actually have that much homework.

** Bring Your Own Chocolate Milk, of course.

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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2 Responses to The Top Five Best Things About Fridays

  1. hithere298 says:

    The only problem with Friday is that (at least in my school) is that there are usually a lot of test/quizzes due that day. I had three quizzes and two tests yesterday. But after tests I usually don’t get homework, so Friday still rocks.

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