In Honor of Cochrane

This week, the world mourned as the best Survivor contestant of all time met his untimely The Tribe Has Spoken. John Cochrane, the most recent jury member, was a representative for nerds everywhere.

I wrote a post about him here that mentioned some of his initial antics– I was a fan of his from the very beginning. The Survivor stereotype is definitely that of a tall, bronzed, ripped man that can climb trees, swim miles, and break coconuts with his fist. Cochrane is a white-as-a-ghost Harvard student that barely fills his sweater vests and slacks.

Over the past two or three seasons of Survivor, I’ve found myself a little disinterested. Sure I still watch every episode and root for my favorite, but it’s been nothing like the thrill I experienced while watching Stephanie or J.T. duke it out against the others for the million-dollar prize. They were real people. Those seasons were fun.

Lately the show’s been getting into a loop of buff guys and model girls that parade around the island in swimsuits to participate in a giant popularity contest. Plus, the blatant sponsorship (the reward challenge is a clip of Jack Black’s new movie on the all-new smartphone? Really?) makes me sick.

Cochrane’s game this year has showed us that Survivor isn’t a lost art. You can still have a head on your shoulders, but not necessarily an 18-pack, and get far in the game. The rest of the people were still all idiots, but Cochrane stood his ground. Haters said he’d never get past day five. GUESS WHAT, SUCKAHS? He beat out most of the beautiful people and came in seventh, only losing to the Upolu Day 1 alliance and Ozzy, the Survivor legend.

Even if Cochrane didn’t win this season, he still made it worth watching and showed us that nice guys don’t finish last.

Plus, there’s this:

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3 Responses to In Honor of Cochrane

  1. eshy says:

    Hey, I’m eshy from eshysletters and YWP. What’s your username for YWP? I want to PM you. But I can tell you on here I suppose. I like the way you write your blog. And I’d love it if you helped me with my blog contest via your blog. It’s going to be a scavenger hunt and I’d like if you’d join and let your blog be one of the stops. You’d just have to post a blog post talking about the contest, hide a word in the post, and link the contestants to the next blog. Simple right? Please PM me at eshydog2 on YWP or just comment here or on my blog. Thanks!

    • Aloha says:

      Ah, definitely! Sounds fun. I’m not really on NaNo anymore, but I’ll certainly head over to your blog (didn’t even know you had one! I have to follow you now!). I’d be happy to help with your scavenger hunt.

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