Propaganda *gasp*

 Yeah, it’s everywhere. Look around. Bet you’re wearing it on your shirt, or it’s on the sidebar ad of your laptop. Ya see it every day on TV, and it’s at the grocery store, the side of the road, school….

 This is one of my personal favorites XD

 You think our president is above Glittering Generalities form of propaganda? Think again. And THIS made me laugh ten times HARDER.

Yeah. Lol. Still laughing. Muahaha. (This is how I laugh. Really. Ask anyone who actually knows me.)

 Anywayz, I’ve got FIVE tests tomorrow. Heck yeah, you heard me right. Five. Cinco. (Speaking of which, one of them is a test on the Spanish numbers XD).

 So, amidst the freaking out and last minute studying, I’m… blogging. Yeah. Can’t wait for the weekend. I’m going to sleeeeeppp. Sleep like heck.

 That doesn’t even make sense…. how much does heck sleep, anyway? Is that even a valid simile? I really don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. (Although I probably should, since one of the other tests is in English.)

 So, it’s late, and I’ve got those five aforementioned tests tomorrow… Plus, I’m working on a book for a bet, and I’ve got to take notes. Complicated stuff, this ‘life’ buisness is. Ahh, well. Gotta live it and get it over with. Literally. Haha, muahaha.

 Promise tomorrow I’ll post something actually worth reading. Sorta. If you can consider ANY of this something worth reading XD

Peace out, suckahs. The Supreme Dooming Ruler of the Universe wants YOU to get a good night’s rest. Yeah, I used propaganda. DWI. (Deal with it.)


About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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2 Responses to Propaganda *gasp*

  1. faiththegeek says:

    Bahahaha! That’s hilarious.

  2. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    *Glances down at shirt**swears* MCT! *looks around* MY ENTIRE DESK! *falls down sobbing**blinks* Just kidding.

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